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ABDL Wristband Pack

ABDL Wristband Pack

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Pack of 7 Silicone Wristbands for Adults.
Perfect to wear at conventions and parties or anywhere your little heart desires.

  1. “I failed Potty Training 101” Wristband in the color green and glows in the dark (Green)
  2. “ABDL Pride Flag” Wristband with two Diaper Pins on the front and the ABDL Pride colors covering the rest. A wider-type Wristband.
  3. “Little Space” Wristband with Nebula Blended colors and Glitter. Bears and Stars covering the rest of the Wristband.
  4. “so basically, I’m baby” Wristband with two tye-dye colors Pink + White and Blue + White (Both comes in the pack) Glow in dark (Green)
  5. “Stinky Baby  I make Poopies” is a tye-dye blue + pink mix and has a diaper pin between the two phrases.
  6. ”I Love Diapers” Wristband that many may already have, which comes in every order. Glows in the dark (Blue)
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