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Lion Tail- Adult Cloth Diaper

Lion Tail- Adult Cloth Diaper

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Appeal to your little personality with our Lion Tail add-on and adorable Flannel Fabric, Hook and Loop adjustable Adult Cloth Diaper. Designed with comfort and side leak-aged prevention in mind. They are soft, comfortable, and easy drying for you or your little one, and also good for the planet!

  • One size fit's most!
  • Adjustable waist sizes. Diaper waist: 62cm to 135cm/24.4in to 53in.
  • Easy Adding/Removal Five Plastic Button-snap Lion Tail, located at the Tail Bone of the Cloth Diaper.
  • Diaper outer layer: Waterproof and breathable Flannel Fabric PUL.
  • Inner soft Wicking Jersey as the pocket liner.
  • Lion Tail made out of fake fur, Polyester
  • For a more snug fit is to use the buttons on the front to adjust the length. The top row can be snapped onto the bottom rows 
  • Inserts not included

Model: Casper

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