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Comfy Cubz Experience

Comfy Cubz Experience

Story of a little and their mommy enjoying the Comfy Cubz

Mommy just got done changing me. Instead of the same old diaper I was wearing, she put me in a Lil Comforts Comfy Cubz diaper. Right away I can tell that there’s something different about them.

The fit between my legs is stiff and bulky enough that it nudges my thighs apart. It’s not enough to feel awkward or like I can’t force my legs back together, but it’s definitely noticeable. The four tabs are wide and easy for her to get on, and they’re adjustable so that I can get the best fit around my waist.

The outside feels soft to the touch, but not flimsy and useless like…ugh!...big kid underwear! 

Mommy says she really likes the design. She says it’s calming and snuggly, like the diapers made for very little babies instead of super busy decorations made for rambunctious toddlers who are big enough to point and say “I WANT THAT!”  These are the sort of designs meant to appeal to Mommies like her.

I really like how it has four tabs for a better hold, but there’s two BIG ones drawn on the landing zone. Two big tabs make me feel super little, but I’ve worn two tab diapers before. Four just works better. This way I can have the look and the function! 

Mommy really likes the three little bear cubs on the back. She says that they look so little and cute in their snuggly soft sleepers that she knows they’re babies, too. Just like me! 

Speaking of “just like me” she shows me the packaging. There’s a big baby on the front! I’ve never seen a baby close to my age on these sorts of things. If I wasn’t deep into headspace before, I am now.  So deep, I’m practically drowning! 

I sit up on the changing table and feel for the first time just how nice this new diaper feels now that it’s been put on me. It’s almost like I’ve got an extra layer of fluff on my bottom.

Even though this isn’t plastic backed and therefore not as loud and crinkly, this is not what I would call a discreet diaper.  If I put on my grown-up disguise over it, people would definitely see the big bulge between my legs.  It’s not a medical diaper with baby prints on it.  It’s a baby diaper that’s big enough for someone like me! 

I get off the changing table, Mommy pats me on the back of my fresh, wonderfully snug diaper to shoo me out of the nursery and into the living room. I feel secure and emboldened by my fresh diaper. And the gentle rustling “swish swish swish” fills my ears with every step as I go off to play,(after writing this, of course).

Mommy takes my attention away from playing with my giraffe stuffies. She doesn’t ask if I’m wet.  I’m too little to even consider potty training and it’s been long enough that the answer will definitely be “yes”.  The real question is whether I need changing or not.
Mommy always checks me more often when she puts me in cloth backed diapers. She always worries that the wetness will seep through and ruin the floor.

She checks me and asks if I’ve been drinking enough. I proudly show her my empty ba-ba and she checks me again, looking surprised. She says that I’m fine and that I can keep playing.  I stop and give my diaper a quick squeeze.  Wow!  It feels pretty squishy, but the outside doesn’t feel wet at all! So much of the moisture has been wicked away from my skin, too!  I don’t feel slimy or like the pulp is breaking up and sloshing around.  I can’t say that for every diaper I’ve worn.

How many times have I wet this one, again? Three? Four? Maybe five? I’m not sure. So far this diaper has been like a nice warm blanket. When it’s doing its job you don’t actively think about it.  Which honestly? That’s kind of the point.  I give it another poke. Oh yeah. This can hold a lot more.  Maybe diapers like these are why it was so hard to potty train the first time.

I dunno. 

I take a second to write this down.  Back to playing.  I’m feeling blocks!  But first, maybe a baba.

Mommy says it’s almost time for dinner.

Darn it!  Already? My block castle was almost finished!  If I sit down I almost can’t see over the top of it.

I sit down and smile when I feel the nice soft squish and wiggle my bottom. Squishy, but not squelchy, gross or soggy feeling.  I stand back up and the bottom part is lower and swelled up, but I haven’t had to yank the waistband up at the top.

I squeeze my legs together and my eyelids pop open. Yikes!  Remember how my legs were sort of nudged apart with a fresh diaper?  Physics and long legs means I can still touch my knees together, but this time it takes effort!  It’s like I’ve got a snuggly sponge on my butt!

Before Dinner, Mommy checks me again. I’m not leaking but she thinks it’s finally time for a change.  How the time flies!  I must’ve not noticed because my diaper felt so soft, squishy, and secure.

Like any good diaper, it did all the hall work so that I could pay attention to more important things. Like giraffes. And babas.  And blocks.

I hop up onto the changing table and Mommy starts changing me.  I don’t rustle as much now that I’m all puffed up, but I can still hear the “scritch-scritch-scritch-scritch” as she unfastens each tab.

“Did Mama Bear’s lil baby have fun playing all day?” she coos down at me.

Oh wow!  “Mama Bear”? That’s a new one. I think I kind of like it.

She stops cooing when she balls up my old diaper and tosses it in the pail.  “Oh wow,” she chuckles.  “I think you just got five pounds lighter! Good job, baby!”

I just blush and hide my face behind my hands. My eyes remain covered while she unfolds the new diaper and slips it underneath me.  I don’t even have to guess what kind it will be while she tugs it up between my legs and fastens it on nice and snug.  I smile once I’m nice and dry and let out a contented sigh now that I’m clean again.  The thing is, I never really felt all that yucky.

Just comfy. (OOOOOOOOOOOOH! That’s why they’re called that!)

I’ve got a feeling Mommy’s going to be keeping me in Comfy Cubz for a looooooong time.

Okay. Bye now!  Mommy’s getting impatient and I have to hop in my highchair! It’s macky cheese night and it’s getting cold!